Biodiversity offsets compensate for the impacts of a development on biodiversity by protecting and managing biodiversity at another site. Biodiversity offsets are becoming a more common requirement of planning approvals. At Ecoplanning, we are industry leaders in the development of biodiversity offset strategies that are practical, achievable and help ensure complex projects are approved in a timely manner.

We also have substantial experience in biodiversity certification. Biodiversity certification is a landscape scale approach to biodiversity offsets which switches off the need for future biodiversity assessment in NSW.

Our team has had extensive involvement in the development of pragmatic biodiversity offset strategies for NSW and Commonwealth planning approvals, using the following approaches.

Approaches include:

  • NSW Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM)
  • NSW BioBanking Methodology
  • NSW Biodiversity Offsets Policy for Major Projects and the Framework for Biodiversity Assessment
  • NSW Biodiversity Certification Assessment Method
  • Commonwealth Offsets Policy and Bi-lateral Agreements


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